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Letter to Mario Maldesi about Barry Lyndon
Private correspondence

Barry Lyndon is the second film whose Italian version was realized by Riccardo Aragno and Mario Maldesi. After the success of A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick choose the same team at the International Recording for his new film.

In this letter, Kubrick refers to the post-synchronization of actors: it is a part in the dubbing process that is usually left to technicians, when the voices of dubbing actors are timed with the original film. Maldesi wanted to supervise directly even this phase of the dubbing process because it is in these details that lies the real difference between a good work and a perfect one. Kubrick aknowledged this in this letter.

Letter to Mario Maldesi
by Stanley Kubrick

July 24, 1976

Dear Mario,

I should like to thank you for the superb work you have done on Barry Lyndon. If it is possible, I think it is even better than Clockwork Orange. You have made the post-synchronization of actors into an art form.

Your sincerely,


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Stanley Kubrick

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