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False interviews, errors and omissions in books about Stanley Kubrick

The following is a list of erroneous information in some of the books about Stanley Kubrick's films. Whenever available, a link to the complete text is provided.

All titles below are given as they originally appeared in print. In some cases, alternative titles are also given, as quoted in most of the books about Stanley Kubrick.

This list has been compiled in cooperation with Matthew Hunt (www.matthewhunt.com).

Each entry in this list presents the following information:

Original title (Other known titles)
Author(s), date of the interview if different from publication
Source of first publication (dd/mm/yyyy)

False interviews and other texts
by Matthew Hunt and Filippo Ulivieri

On Directing Films
Foreword di Stanley Kubrick
Penguin Books (1991)
Some books present this false information: Stanley Kubrick supposedly wrote a foreword for this textbook by David Mamet. In reality, no edition of this book features such a text by Kubrick.

Kubrick: The Last Interview[Full text]
Interviews by Adrian Rigelsford and Kim Meffen[Testo completo]
Published in TV Times (04/09/1999)
This is now known as a hoax: Rigelsford, occasional contributor for TV Times magazine, pretended to have met Stanley Kubrick during the shooting of Eyes Wide Shut and sold his "world exclusive interview" to the British magazine. Anthony Frewin wrote a piece on The Guardian in 2004 explaining the issue.


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Stanley Kubrick
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