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Letter to Mario Maldesi about A Clockwork Orange
Private correspondence

In 1972 Stanley Kubrick was looking for a dubbing director for the Italian version of his film A Clockwork Orange. After a conversation with film director Federico Fellini, Kubrick contacted Mario Maldesi, who was at that time one of the best supervisors in post-synchronisation of dialogue for Italian films, as he had worked with the most prestigious Italian directors since early '60s.

Starting from a script adaptation by Riccardo Aragno, who was a friend of Kubrick, Maldesi directed the Italian actors and made a terrific dubbed version of A Clockwork Orange.

This letter is the beginning of a correspondence between Kubrick and Maldesi which lasted until Kubrick's death. Maldesi worked on every subsequent film directed by Kubrick, achieving superb dubbed versions of each film, such as The Shining and Full Metal Jacket.

Letter to Mario Maldesi
by Stanley Kubrick

Mr. Mario Maldesi
Via Flaminia 496
Rome, Italy

22 May, 1972

Dear Mr. Maldesi,

Thank you very much for the wonderful job you have done with my film.
I am very happy with it.

I hope we meet personally very soon.

Yours very sincerely,

Stanley Kubrick

P.O. Box 123

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Stanley Kubrick

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