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Press releases and forewords
The most comprehensive list of press releases and other texts written by Stanley Kubrick

The following is a list containing all the press releases issued by Stanley Kubrick or the studios distributing his films. These articles were written or supervised by the director. Whenever available, a link to the complete text is provided.

All titles below are given as they originally appeared in print. In some cases, alternative titles are also given, as quoted in most of the books about Stanley Kubrick.

This is the most complete bibliography of Stanley Kubrick press releases compiled yet and has been written in cooperation with Matthew Hunt (www.matthewhunt.com).

Each entry in this list presents the following information:

Original title (Other known titles)
Author(s), date of the press release if different from publication
Source of first publication (dd/mm/yyyy)
Secondary sources (dd/mm/yyyy)

List of press releases and forewords
by Matthew Hunt and Filippo Ulivieri

Press release for One-eyed Jacks
Issued by Paramount (??/??/1961)

Press conference for legal controversy with Fail Safe
Dorchester Hotel, London (12/02/1963)

Press release for Dr. Strangelove and Terry Southern's contribution
Issued on (??/08/1964)

'The Killer Inside Me' by Jim Thompson
Comment by Kubrick
Published in Gold Medal first edition (1965)

Stanley Kubrick to film Journey Beyond The Stars in Cinerama for MGM
Issued on (23/02/1965)
Republished on 2001: Filming the Future, Aurum Press (2000)
Republished on The Making of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Modern Library (2000)

'Commander-1' A new novel by Peter George
Promo ad with a comment by Kubrick
Published in The New York Times (20/06/1965)

Notes on special effects for 2001: A Space Odyssey
Article by Stanley Kubrick
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (09/01/1969)

Press release for A Clockwork Orange rating
Issued by Stanley Kubrick
Published (excerpted) in The New York Times (25/08/1972)

Foreword to A Clockwork Orange Screenplay Book [Full Text]
Foreword by Stanley Kubrick [Testo completo]
Ballantine Books (1972)
Republished for Screenpress (2000)

The films of Frank Capra
Open letter Stanley Kubrick (27/08/1974)
Published in The Films of Frank Capra, Secaucus (1977); expanded edition The Complete Films of Frank Capra, Carol Publishing (1992)

Stanley Kubrick feature
Barry Lyndon Pressbook (27/01/1976)
Published by Warner Bros.

Petition about United Artists
Petition signed by Stanley Kubrick and other directors
Published in Variety (26/01/1978)

Press release about Douglas Trumbull's contribution to 2001: A Space Odyssey
Issued by MGM (1984)

Producer seeking new talent
Ad by Stanley Kubrick for actor recruiting for Full Metal Jacket
Issued by Warner Bros. (05/1984)

Statement about James Mason's death
Included in James Mason, Urbane British Actor, 75, Dies
Published in Los Angeles Times (27/07/1984)

Statement about Sterling Hayden's death
Included in Actor Sterling Hayden dead at age 70
Published in Associated Press (24/05/1986)

Filmmakers announce new film foundation for film preservation
Endorsed by Stanley Kubrick and other directors
News conference in Beverly Hills (01/05/1990)

Foreword to Krzysztof Kieslowski's Decalogue: The Ten Commandments [Full text]
Foreword by Stanley Kubrick [Testo completo]
Faber & Faber (1991)

Press release about Fear and Desire
Issued by Warner Bros. (1994)

This is your life: Arthur C. Clarke
Cable message for a TV show honoring Clarke
Broadcasted by BBC (1994)
Republished in 2001: a Space Odyssey Special Edition, Orbit (2001)

Press release for Eyes Wide Shut production to be started in 1996
Issued by Warner Bros. (15/12/1995)

Press release about Eyes Wide Shut not cancelled
Issued by Warner Bros. (Summer 1996)

Press release about Marie Richardson's casting
Issued by Warner Bros. (25/04/1998)


©Matthew Hunt and ©ArchivioKubrick

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