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Short films and feature films

All about the 13 films directed by Stanley Kubrick: for every work a comprehensive database of interviews, photographs, screenplays, storyboards, promotional material, etc. This section also covers Kubrick's early short films and Spielberg's A.I. [not yet available]
eyemo An Eyemo shooting camera by Bell & Howell, the first one ever used by Stanley Kubrick for his documentaries Day of the Fight and Flying Padre.


Stanley Kubrick's early works as a photo reporter for LOOK magazine: a collection of photos from 1945 to 1950.

Unfinished projects

From the unrealized film scripts written in the '50s to Aryan Papers, all the films Kubrick didn't make. [not yet available]


Oblique analyses for the films: visual connections, cameo appearances, locations etc. [not yet available]


Reviews archive: critical response to Kubrick's films, throughout the years.
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