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brochure This section presents vintage material, available on the Web for the first time. Thanks to high resolution scans, you can read articles published on old magazines and hard-to-find paper resources, as well as take a look into Kubrick's promotional material distributed at the premieres or given to the press.


Interviews with Stanley Kubrick and technical articles, published on magazines and books from all over the world.


A collection of promotional paper material, designed or approved by Kubrick for catching media and audiences attention.

Tech notes
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Scans of the material are property of ArchivioKubrick: unauthorised copy, edit, publication, transfer, or transmission by any means, electronic or mechanical, of part or all the scans is prohibited without the webmaster's permission. The material is presented for educational purposes only and is copyrighted by its author, included in the scans or in the description. Scans, layout, php code and the name "Flip through" are © Filippo Ulivieri. Technical consultant Damnpuck.

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