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..Emilio D'Alessandro: the friendship and the devotion of Kubrick's Italian driver and assistant.
..Letter about FMJ Italian cinema rating: Kubrick writes to the rating commission for lowering the VM18 classification.
..Nerve center for a nuclear nightmare: Kubrick during the shooting of Dr. Strangelove.
..Direct hit: a review and an interview rightly after the premiere of Dr. Strangelove.
..How I learned to stop worrying and love Barry Lyndon: Kubrick on script and film.
..Stanley Kubrick's horror show: the meticulous Kubrick and The Shining.
..Mr. Disney and Mr. Kubrick: two different ways of movie making.
..Nymphet Found: Sue Lyon casted for the title role of Lolita.
..Sue Lyon as an atomic bomb: Kubrick writes about the old star system.

ArchivioKubrick is a database of detailed information about the life and work of director Stanley Kubrick. It is a project I started in 1999 with the purpose of collating interviews, reviews, articles, photographs and videos about Kubrick in one single place. Since 1999 I have searched magazines, newspapers, books, broadcast media, and the internet for all extant material. ArchivioKubrick is an ongoing repository for this research.

AK main site is written in Italian, and unfortunately I do not have sufficient time to create an additional English-language version. For non-Italian visitors, I have instead produced this abridged English version containing the most significant elements of the Italian site: rare texts, a reviews archive, the lists of LOOK photographs and Kubrick's interviews, and scans of the Vintage material. All the real treasures I found are available in English, or will be translated as soon as possible.


A complete list of Kubrick's early assignments as a photojournalist  for LOOK magazine, and a 50-years reviews archive for each film.


The most comprehensive list of Kubrick's interviews ever compiled, plus press releases, private letters and assorted quotations.


A collection of interviews with Kubrick's friends and collaborators, about the director's personality and artistic vision.


High resolution scans of vintage material, such as articles published in old magazines and promotional material for each of Kubrick's films.

Video box

..Stanley Kubrick's Boxes: a look through SK material.
..Barbican Expo: props available at the Kubrick Archives.
..The making of Paths of Glory: Kirk Douglas interview.
..The Return of A Clockwork Orange: Paul Joyce's 2001 doc.
..2001: The Making of a Myth: Paul Joyce's doc.
..Kubrick Panel: interview with Christiane and Jan Harlan.
..Steven and Stanley: 2001 interview with Spielberg on A.I.
..The art of SK: doc. that covers from LOOK photos to DS.
..Inside Dr. Strangelove: from the DVD extra features.
..Remembering SK: Tom Cruise interview.
..Remembering SK: Nicole Kidman interview.
..Remembering SK: Steven Spielberg interview.
..The Last Movie: Paul Joyce's 1999 doc. about EWS.
..A la recherche de SK: 1999 French doc.
..Stardust: 1999 Dutch TV program about SK.
..Film '99: UK TV program about EWS.
..One on One: Frederic Raphael interview.
..The Invisible Man: Paul Joyce's 1997 doc. about SK.
..Forbidden Fruit: 1993 doc. about ACO.
..Making The Shining: Vivian Kubrick's doc. filmed in 1978.
..An examination of ACO: rare 1972 TV program.
..Kubrick at 2001 opening: 1968 NY premiere.
..In the director's chair: BBC4 radio program [mp3].
..Looking for Stanley: BBC3 radio program [mp3].
..The Dark Side of The Moon: 2002 mockumentary.
..The man who would be Kubrick: Alan Conway interview.

Coming soon

Milena Canonero, Italian costume designer who worked with Kubrick for three films, talks about her relationship with the director.

Interview with John baxter, writer of a Kubrick biography, for the French magazine Le Nouvel Observateur.

During the '70s, Maria Pia Fusco, an Italian journalist, was invited to Kubrick's house due to her connection to Ken Adam.

Former director of Cannes Film Festival Gilles Jacob talks about the possibility of having Kubrick as the president of the jury.

Stanley Kubrick's early scripts written in the '50s.

The German Lieutenant: a script written by Kubrick and Richard Adams in 1959.