The Steadicam and The Shining
by Garreth Brown
American Cinematographer, August 1980

This article was published on the prestigious magazine American Cinematographer and it was written by Garrett Brown, inventor in 1972-74 of the Steadicam, a device that can stabilize the camera by a complex use of pneumatic pumps.

This rare document is useful not only to understand the great role the Steadicam played in making The Shining but also to point out the historical importance of such an extensive use. The work with Kubrick was a tremendous learning experience for Brown, who was able to improve his ability in controlling his device and realized how to modify the Steadicam resolving some balancing problems that came out while trying to accomplish the hard camera work Kubrick required. The fast movements desired by the director for certain scenes led to the new Steadicam Model III, much more stable and easy to control with precision.

Pages in the magazine: 786-789, 826-827, 850-854
Actual size: 8.4 x 11.7 inches
Transcription for texts: Italian | English

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